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Violin Video Tutorials on DVD

Learn to play violin at home!

We have collected all our downloadable violin lessons on two DVD’s, as we know that some of you prefer a DVD over lessons on your computer. Let us guide you in technique lessons which will help you play violin better and which will develop your playing faster than before.


What do people say about our violin video tutorials on DVD?

“The product of a unique blend of personal experience and reflection.”
“The technical requirements are clearly thought through and the focus remains on the needs of the learners, who are invited to take their own course through the many resources provided.”
“Body-friendly advice without the dogma that so often dogs this kind of resource.”

The Strad, August 2016


Violin Technique 1 – Beginners

8 technique tutorials for the complete beginner up to approximately Grade 2.


• Holding the bow
• Holding the Violin
• Open String Bowing
• Using left hand fingers
• Slurring notes
• Playing Pizzicato
• Dynamics
• Fitting a new string

Technique made easy! This DVD is made to help complete beginners on their journey, as well as a useful reference if you want to get back into playing after a break. Get things right from the start and avoid bad habits straight away. Join in with your instrument while you watch. Approximate playing time: 40 minutes.

Price $17.49 incl. free P&P, same or next day despatch, shipped from the UK





Violin Technique 2 – intermediate to advanced players


This Pro-Am Strings DVD contains 8 technique tutorials and is perfect for intermediate to advanced players.

• Stance and balance
• Holding the violin
• Flexibility of the right hand
• Legato bowing
• Martele bowing
• Spiccato bowing
• Position changing
• Vibrato

The player is encouraged to join in while the video plays. Technique as you have never seen it before: slow motion analysis of vibrato, muscle charts and analysis of bowing, filmed from above.

A great birthday or Christmas present. Total playing time 70 minutes approx.

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Price $17.49 incl free P&P, same or next day despatch, shipped from the UK



2 DVD Set 

For a complete overview of the Technique from the very beginning to approximately Grade 5, buy both DVDs together for the special price of

Price: was $31.60  (incl. free P&P, next day despatch, shipped from the UK)




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