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We stand in solidarity with black people all over the world, so powerfully expressed by the Kanneh-Mason family. Thank you.


Due to the Corona virus outbrake, demand for online teaching and learning resources has increased. We have recorded and published two new videos about online teaching and learning, one for Music Teachers, and one for Students and their Parents. Please read my new blog about online teaching and learning. There is also a new playlist: how to tune a violin. We hope that these resources may make the situation a little easier for everyone. Please let us know if we can help in any way.


This new class is suitable for advanced violin players who are learning to play the big Violin Concertos.

Check out further details here 


As our Learn to Play the Violin in 30 days course on Youtube, was such a succes, filming of Suzuki Violin Volume 2 has now started!

The course will also be 30 lessons long, and lessons will be released on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Photo of the Month

The June Photo of the Month was sent to us by Adrian.

“I originally tried to play the violin at about the age of 8 or 9 but due to eczema on my hands it was not possible. Many many years later I took my oldest daughter to her violin lesson and the teacher asked if I played any instrument. I told her I always wanted to play the violin and she offered to give me a couple of lessons to see if I had any potential and so my lessons started. In 1997 I bought my first violin and it became my most treasured possession.

With a demanding job, it was not easy to practice so I had to stop.
When I retired I finally had time to play my violin.

Henriette took me on as a pupil, which in a way completed a circle as she had taught my daughter too. Playing the violin is one of the pleasures that I am able to enjoy in my retirement”.

Many thanks, Adrian for this lovely picture of a violin, which has enjoyed many hours of practice 😀

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