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Due to the Corona virus outbrake, demand for online teaching and learning resources has increased. We have recorded and published two new videos about online teaching and learning, one for Music Teachers, and one for Students and their Parents. Please read my new blog about online teaching and learning. There is also a new playlist: how to tune a violin. We hope that these resources may make the situation a little easier for everyone. Please let us know if we can help in any way.


We have a new series out: Learn to Play the Violin in 30 Days (Suzuki method) check out the videos  on Youtube now.

31.3.20 Day 16: Allegretto

29.3.20 Day 15: Perpetual Motion

26.3.20 Day 14: Allegro

24.3.20 Day 13: May Song

22.3.20 Day 12: Long, Long Ago

17.3.20 Day 11: A Arpeggio and Song of the Wind


15.3.20 Day 10: Twinkle, Lightly Row, Go tell Aunt Rhody

12.3.20  Day 9: Go, Tell Aunt Rhody

Read the Blog about Go, Tell Aunt Rhody

10.3.20 Day 8: Learn to play the Twinkle Theme on the violin. Play along with Henriette and learn to play Variation A

8.3.20  Day 7: Lightly Row

5.3.20  Day 6 : A major scale and Twinkle Theme

3.3.20  Day 5 :Twinkle Theme tune

27.2.20  Day 4: Learning how to play the Left Hand Fingers

23.2.20  Day 3: Developing your bowing technique further and preparing the left hand fingers

20.2.20  Day 2: developing a good bowing technique – long and short bows

18.2.20  Day 1: Holding the Violin and Bow and Tuning up

13.2.20  Day 0: Introducing the course

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how to play in tune on a violin

Out NOW! The April 2020 News Letter.

The May News Letter will be published on the first Thursday in May: 7th May at 4pm.

Photo of the Month

The April Photo of the Month was taken by ShazViolin.

Hello, I’m ” ShazViolin ” I’ve been playing for only 109 days 😂 but this photo was taken after I had practiced PIZZICATO for 3 hrs! I saw this heart and it made my practice worth it!
Thank you for sharing this photo. We love it!

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