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Vibrato is one of those beautiful devices that can give exquisite colour to a violinist’s or violist’s performance. And yet possibly no topic has created so much controversy over the years as the use of vibrato. Even Leopald Auer, the famous violin pedagogue lashed out at violinists in the 1920’s who reduced pieces to a “dead level of monotony by peppering them all with the tabasco of a continuous vibrato”.

Auer’s criticism grew, in part, out of the increasing use of vibrato as an attempt to cover up poor intonation or lack of taste. But you only need to listen to recordings of violinists such as Kreisler, Heifitz (one of Auer’s students), Oistrakh or Ivry Gitlis to hear the powerful impact a well-developed vibrato can produce.

Vibrato is a skill that needs to be developed and constantly honed to make the most of it. Pro-Am Strings is offering you the opportunity to learn some great tips for developing a rich, colourful vibrato and to avoid some of the traps that many string players fall into.
There some important aspects to keep in mind when work on your vibrato:

” Flexibility of all the finger joints and wrist
” Contact between finger pad and string
” Freely functioning left elbow
” Effect on intonation and phrasing

This free online class has something for all advanced violin and viola students, even if you are confident in your vibrato skills. You will develop a greater variety of vibrato techniques and awareness of how your vibrato is affecting your intonation. You can learn how to enhance the beauty of your phrasing with your vibrato and develop a great vibrato with much less effort.

It’s time to shake a leg (or rather your left hand) and join Henriette de Vrijer, your online violin/viola teacher and a wonderfully supportive violin/viola community on the 6th February 2018 in the Fans of Pro-Am Strings Facebook Group, to take your vibrato to the next level.

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