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The violinist’s dream

The violinist’s dream

 “Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here.” These words by Mark Twain highlight the driving force behind our need to constantly set new goals as violinists.

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Your dreams may be to pass your Grade 8 violin exam, win success in an orchestra audition or gain that all-important admission into the music school you’ve set your heart on.

However, if we want to attain our goals, and not just see them rust out as pipe-dreams we need to make plans and take some intelligent steps.

What’s holding you back?

There are some key ingredients that will help you reach your goals:

  • Know the secrets of effective and efficient violin practice
  • Have the ongoing support of a really empathetic and expert teacher
  • Understand the importance of setting up the right steps to achieve your ultimate goal
  • Recognise and correct hard to detect faults in your playing

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work attain results. By learning the best practising tips and techniques you can begin to practise effectively. When you practise effectively you will learn how to overcome those violin playing faults that are holding you back. And these immensely satisfying successes will inspire your continued growth.

Sometimes students, especially adults, lack the confidence to reach for their dreams. They think that age or ability is against them but as Henry Ford once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Keep your eyes on the goal and continue to work and you will achieve rapid results that will inspire ongoing progress.

What’s the next step to success?

Sometimes students might have clear goals, but they aren’t quite sure how to make the leap from their current position to their dream vision. The importance of having the right teacher, mentor, and support person to see you through these challenges is critical.

If you don’t have a violin teacher near you an online violin tutor will help you focus on your goals and the steps needed to get there. They can help you with all of those burning questions like; how do I practise scales, how to build accuracy and confidence, what studies will help me with my bowing or fingering problem, what are the examiners looking for? They’ll cover all those challenging issues that may have stopped you before and even answer questions you may not have thought of.

Sometimes an intensive course of study will provide the impetus you need to move to a new level in your playing. Pro-Am Strings’ High Impact Violin Accelerator Course is designed to help all violin students Grade 6 and above to focus on their goals and overcome all obstacles.

This dedicated course of violin lessons will provide a step-by-step plan and help power you to your goals.

Aim for the best you can be and sign up for the new High Impact Violin Accelerator Course. And keep an eye open for later blogs where we’ll talk more about those four key ingredients to success.

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This post was written by Stylus writer, a former professional violinist/ violist who has taken his gift for phrasing and tone into the world of words. You can learn more about his work at http://styluswriter.com/

This blog has also appeared in Violinist.com

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