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If you are just starting out learning to play the violin, or if you have played in the past and are looking to revive your skills, this is the class for you!

Join other like minded people for a discussion about the pleasures and pitfalls of learning as an adult. 

What will we be talking about in this class?

Unfortunately, many adults have the wrong notion that learning the violin or viola will just be too difficult for them. They think that as adults they will:


·       Lack flexibility

·       Progress too slowly

·       Find learning to read music too difficult


Other hurdles adult beginners sometimes encounter include not knowing how to find a good teacher, or how to go about buying the right violin or viola, a lack of support from friends and family, and even feelings of embarrassment. 


The reality is all of these hurdles can be overcome and don’t need to prevent you from learning to play the violin. Yes, some aspects may be more challenging but with time, perseverance, and the right teacher you can learn to play the violin or viola and find that immense joy that playing an instrument brings.


Join us and share your experience with other adult learners and find out tips and tricks that make learning as an adult easier.




Your Teacher is Henriette de Vrijer


Henriette has helped many adults learn to play from scratch, as well as pick up their instrument again after a break.





I look forward to facititating a discussion for adult beginner vioiin and viola players.

Join me on the 28th or 29th November and I will give you some ideas about how you can make the most of this very special time in your learning.


Just this morning, one of my adult learners commented on what a privilige it is to have the time to learn a new kill and, apart from making new friends and having the pleasure of playing music, how much she has gained in physical and mental skills from playing the violin. 


Join us! We are friendly and supportive and we look forward to meeting you.




All violin and Viola players welcome!


Dates and Times of this class:

Tuesday 28th November at 11.00am GMT

Wednesday 29th November at 8.00pm GMT


Please note that this class will be held twice, so that players in different timezones can attend. Please check your timezone carefully using the button provided before choosing your class. 


Places are limited, so once you register, we expect you to attend. If you cannot make it, please let us know, so that somebody else may take your place.


We do not record classes, so please turn up or you'll miss it!

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