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Covid-19: Teaching and Learning Music Online


In these extraordinary times, as music teachers, we need to come together and share resources to adapt to the new ways of working that we are faced with.

I have been teaching online for 8 years, and I have made two videos about online lessons, one for Music Teachers and one for Parents and Students.

In these videos, there is lots of information about the practicalities of online teaching and learning, from how to set things up, to which platforms to use etc. There is also information about safeguarding, an important aspect that might need re-thinking when you start teaching or learning online.

From a safeguarding perspective, it is important that teachers and parents make clear arrangements:

  • There should always be an adult in the house to supervise the child that is being taught online.
  • Teaching and learning should take place in a room, which is not a bedroom.
  • Both the teacher and the pupil should be adequately dressed for a learning environment, so no pyjamas or skimpy tops.
  • Teaching should not be done on Social Media, so any platform where the teacher needs to become “friends” with the student should be avoided.

I have put together an online learning agreement, which is an addition to my normal terms and conditions. You can find a copy of this below the music teacher video. I am happy to share all or part of the agreement for others to use in these extraordinary times. 

I find that there are lots of positives about teaching online. The most important one for me is that it promotes the pupil’s independence. They will need to start to tune their instrument themselves for instance, and they will need to take notes during a lesson, which encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning. Once we will be able to get back to normality, these are hugely valuable and transferable skills that can help face to face teaching and learning.

Let’s all come togehter and use this situation as an opportunity to develop resilience and perseverance, both in ourselves and in our students.

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