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Sponsor a Violin Student

Sponsor a Violin Student

We are occasionally approached by violin players who would love to get better at playing the violin, but can’t afford lessons.

You can now sponsor a violinist through Pro-Am Strings and become part of an exciting new project!


How does it work?

  1. You decide which violinist you want to sponsor
  2. Click the button below and make your donation via PayPal
  3. You decide whether to sponsor this player for a fixed amount or for a recurring amount each month.
  4. You will receive regular updates about the lesson format chosen by the player (Skype lessons, Video Feedback or Video Downloads) and progress of the lessons.
  5. Thank you SO much!


Current violin players keen to start lessons:

Lisset Rodriguez, Cuba

My name is Lisset Rodriguez, I’m from Cuba and I’m majoring in English and French Languages at University in the city where I live. I’m 20 years old and I started playing the violin when I was 8. Sadly, due to my schedule at school, it was difficult for my teacher to find a suitable time to give me lessons. It’s been 3 years already without any tutoring,  but that has not stopped me from playing. I’ve always love music and I do not give up on my dream of at least to learn to play well and to go one step beyond the knowledge I’ve already adquired, but for that, I need someone to help me. I would say I am a medium level violin player. I play at my Church. I pursue to improve my technique and to be able to play every day better.
  If you wish to sponsor Lisset, please donate via the button below. Thank you.







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