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Repertoire Lists: Which violin pieces to learn? 

At Pro-Am Strings, we have lots of experience in suggesting the right violin music for our students at different playing levels. Let our teachers suggest which violin pieces to learn, so you progress from one piece to the next in a logical sequence. Apart from containing lots of beautiful pieces to play, the Repertoire Lists are designed to offer an overview of technique, tutors, study books, sonatas and concertos, to help you find your way through the vast amount of available material from the complete beginner to the very advanced player.


You may find that you are using some of these materials already, in which case these lists promote confidence that what you are playing is more or less right for your playing level. There may also be books or pieces that you have never heard of before. We hope that these suggested lists are an inspiration and may lead to new discoveries in your music making. It goes without saying that these lists can never be exclusive or exhaustive, but hopefully may give you ideas and suggestions and help you on your journey.


All our Repertoire Lists are provided as PDF downloads and cost just £1.99  each.

Repertoire Lists are coloured coded according to player ability:
Green = Beginner (approx grades 0-2)
Blue = Improver (approx grades 3-6)
Orange = Advanced (approx grade 6+ to professional level)

There will be the inevitable slight overlap between the levels, but great care has been taken to eliminate any double ups.

Please be aware that viola tutors are included in the Repertoire list for Beginners only. However, the Intermediate Repertoire list contains suggestions for duet music for violin and viola and also for violin and cello.

Expert and friendly teachers are on hand to support you wherever we can, if at any point you feel that you playing needs more tailored support, then please email us at info@proamstrings.com. Thank you.


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Repertoire Lists for Violin & Viola

Repertoire List

The Violin/Viola Repertoire List for Beginners provides an overview of exercises, scales, tutor books and performance repertoire (songs and pieces)  for complete beginners through to approximately Grade 2, which for most people covers about the first two years of learning the violin/viola.

Repertoire Lists are provided as PDF downloads and cost just £1.99 each.


Repertoire List for Beginners


Repertoire List

The Violin Repertoire List for Improvers provides an overview of available materials for players of Grades 2-5, or for those who have played for approximately 2-5 years. This Repertoire List also contains duet books for violin and viola as well as violin and cello duet books.

Repertoire Lists are provided as PDF downloads and cost just £1.99 each.


Repertoire List for Improvers


Repertoire List

The Violin/Viola Repertoire List for Advanced Players provides an overview of technique exercises, scales, etudes, sonatas and concertos as well as genre pieces for the advanced violinist. Get some inspiration and find new pieces, or choose pieces that you have always wanted to play, but forgot about.

Repertoire Lists are provided as PDF downloads and cost just £1.99 each.


Repertoire List for Advanced Players

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