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Webinars: free violin lessons online

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Our free online live violin and viola lessons, called webinars, are open to anyone interested in getting better at playing the violin or viola. Follow our free violin lessons online, from the comfort of your own home.



You can just come and listen, or join in with your instrument and ask questions – it’s up to you. Sessions generally last for about half an hour and usually there is a question and answer session at the end.

Webinars are held on a regular basis. We tend to alternate subjects suitable for beginners and those for more advanced players, as well as those for violin/viola and cello. Once a month, the webinar will be hosted by the Associate Teacher of the Month. That’s a lot of violin for free.

If you have never done this before, do give us a try! We look forward to welcoming you. Our webinar attendees (all ages and abilities) come from all over the world. Try a webinar lesson before you buy a DVD or download a video or fact sheet or book a Skype lesson.

Please email us via the link below and tell us which of the webinars you wish to attend. We will send you an access link about 24 hours before the start. Our clients comment on how easy it is to log on by just clicking the link in the email we will send you.

Please also fee free to email us if you wish to be kept informed about future webinars, or if you would like us to organise a webinar about a specific area of the technique. Thank you.

Thanks Henriette: very thought provoking! Anna

I wish to thank you for providing both your time and expertise in hosting the webinar on vibrato. Well worth the time. Ray

Thanks for a great webinar. Alison

Gregor’s class was deeply inspiring and philosophically rich. It was great to listen to a top performer discussing the big ideas behind music and its collaborative performance. He drew continually on his learning from experienced composers, teachers and professors, frequently referencing repertoire for examples. I counted it a massive privilege to be able to come into contact with a person so compellingly involved in the quartet genre. Kevin

Gregor’s Webinar on Chamber Music brought a whole new dimension to playing. His webinar was thought provoking, prompting the musician to think in a different way about the music we play. Very memorable. Thank  you! Sonia


The same webinar is offered at different times, so you can join us at a suitable time wherever you live. Each webinar will be run as follows:

For our friends in the UK, Europe and the USA: 8pm GMT/ =9pm CEST/ =3pm EDT/ =12noon PDT

For our friends in Australia and Hong Kong: 11am GMT/ =6pm HKT/ =8pm AEST

Do please check your own time zone here

Click the button below to register, stating clearly which webinar you would like to attend.


All dates and times subject to change.



advanced violin lessons

Tuesday 12th December at 11:00am GMT and Wednesday 13th December at 8:00pm GMT 

This event has been postponed to January 2018




The left elbow is one of the most critical components of good technique for any violin or viola player. Yet the left elbow is frequently forgotten in the intense focus on fingering. Join us with your instrument for some helpful hints and tips that will free up your left elbow and so unlock your position playing, vibrato and string crossings.All violin/Viola players welcome. Read our Blog about the role of the left elbow.

Register NOW, as limited spaces are available.

Hosted by Henriette de Vrijer



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